Oaxy Toilet Pump Air Plunger Plastic Handle Rubber Nozzle 47cm - White


No. of units in Carton: 100 Piece

Min Order : 6 piece


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– Nozzle Diameter: 13cm Height:47cm
– This plunger is able to cope with blockages in the toilets, sink or bath
– During operation, the toilet cleaner creates a hydraulic shock that helps push the waste that has accumulated in the pipe further into the sewer.
– The rubber nozzle fits nicely and works effectively to remove the waste plug
– It is the most effective tool to combat blockages.
SKU: 4135
Sub Category: Cleaning Tools
Category: Cleaning Products
Cleaning tools are essential household items that come in different shapes and sizes to clean various surfaces. From brooms and dustpans to sponges and scrubbers, cleaning tools are necessary for keeping your home tidy and organized. When shopping for cleaning tools on Safaa, look for durable, high-quality products that are easy to use and maintain. Consider the materials used, such as plastic or natural fibers, and make sure the tool is suitable for the surface you are cleaning. With a wide range of products available, Safaa makes it easy to find the perfect cleaning tools for your home.
Country of origin China
Color White
Item Length 13 centimeters
Item Height 47 centimeters
Item Weight 86 grams
Item Width 13 centimeters
Material Plastic
Size 1 Piece
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