alltime Plastic Bucket with Handle 13Ltr - 3 Color Pack


No. of units in Carton: 30 Piece

Min Order : 6 piece


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– Bucket Length: 27cm Width: 29.5cm
– Bucket Capacity: 13L
– High density polyethylene bucket that is non-toxic, eco friendly, odourless, and safe for children.
– This bucket has an ergonomic handle that helps you carry or lift the bucket easily without having concerns about safety.
– Strong and Durable Design
SKU: 1013L
Sub Category: Buckets, Basins & Cups
Category: Home & Kitchen Essentials
Buckets, basins, and cups are essential household items available in different sizes and materials to suit various needs. Buckets hold larger volumes of liquids for cleaning or transporting, while basins are ideal for lighter-duty tasks like hand-washing. Cups are for pouring and measuring liquids, and they come in plastic, metal or glass. When shopping on Safaa, consider the item's size, material, and purpose to find a durable, easy-to-clean product that meets your needs. With a wide variety of options available, Safaa offers convenience and reliability.
Country of origin India
Color Multicolor
Item Length 27 centimeters
Item Height 29.5 centimeters
Item Weight 376 grams
Item Width 29.5 centimeters
Material Plastic
Size 1 Piece
Tags: Buckets, Basins & Cups, plastic bucket, bucket lid, Home, Kitchen Essentials
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